We at TEJ believe that "Well done is better than well said." To achieve this, we have established training centers and R&D labs here in the U.S. A major portion of our resources is invested in a wide array of training materials and programs like Microsoft's CTEC, MCSP, Oracle OSP, OCP etc. We make sure that our employees go through rigorous training schedules and programs so that they are well-versed with the latest and the most current technologies before they reach YOU. We also excel in imparting training to YOUR employees On-site or Off-site, and educating them with the latest technologies.

We provide complete training materials and the infrastructure in our R&D labs for these training purposes. Our R&D labs are equipped with the latest products and skilled personnel to impart this training. We take pains so that YOU have one less thing to worry about. TEJ teamed up with global education giants to impart authorised hi-tech education in Information Technology.




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