We have developed a successful and excellent track record in completing various turnkey and customized projects overseas. As a result , we have a long list of satisfied clients, and are now ready to take the next step here in the U.S. We undertake turnkey projects and provide a complete team of skilled professionals to accomplish them (On-site or Off-site), from Project Management to actual Development. We take pride in the fact that our employees are known for beating project deadlines. Our team would work hand in hand with your team with the aim that the end product should be even better than what you envisioned in the beginning. We provide comprehensive guidelines and innovative ways to minimize time loss on the project and document flow, and to maintain required standards of documentation.

As part of the complete Turnkey Solution, we also impart the necessary training to your team which would be required to accomplish the project successfully and on time. Popular belief says IT projects fall behind or fail mainly because of poor planning or bad project management. In business it all depends on the bottom line, and efficient tracking of multiple projects is key in today’s marketplace. TEJ can assist your company with Project Management and ensure the integrity of your strategic plans and business objectives. We can help you architect a project aimed to meet your goals. We can create and implement strategies to effectively plan, carry out, and monitor the progress of the project. We can even plan and carry out multiple projects within a project, and provide effective management for all of them.

Our professionals are MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, meaning they are skilled in ALL aspects of complete project life cycles. They are experts in the stages of Business Analysis and conceptualization to System Design, Development, Implementation, Fine-Tuning and Troubleshooting. They train the end-users as well and provide technical support. The world is getting smaller, so to speak, and this area is one of the fastest growing segments of computer technology. NOW, more than ever, is the time to devote attention and resources to this important part of the Information Industry . As remote communications become more important, and as information transfer and business transactions speed up, E-Mail, E-Commerce, and on-line services over the World Wide Web will fast become standard features in the market-place. Our professionals have the skills to help your company keep up in this area. We have people experienced in HTML, ASP, JAVA, Visual Basic and other tools to link your computer capabilities with user-friendly interface. Our experts have skills to elevate your business in cyberspace to reach global markets on the web.

We can refine communications between your various locations through advanced networking. Simply put, TEJ can give your company the EDGE you need to succeed.

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