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TEJ consultants, before even becoming employees, need to go through a very stringent process of selection and recruitment. The result is that we have a very strong workforce of highly skilled professionals, each reflecting a unique Synergy of talent and experience from diverse backgrounds and industries. We demand and expect the best out of each of our employees. Our consultants have made us proud with their work in the field, and they are highly valued in competitive assignments with prestigious and ambitious clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. This, in turn, has helped us to establish an excellent reputation with our clients. With an outstanding team of experienced consultants, we have become a leader in the Industry due to the quality of our professionals and the expertise that we provide. Our experts are known for innovation and pro-active dedication to meet project goals. They have also established a knack for acquiring a thorough understanding of business requirements and procedures and fully understand the implementation needs of the end user.

In the ever-changing world of business strategies, market trends and technological advancements, our consultants have provided their skills in various financial institutions. They have proven through their dedication and competitiveness that they are among the best in the field. What you require is the best, and we have them. Our professionals have extensive experience in tools, such as: Oracle Financials, SAP R/3 System Financials, DB Libraries, Visual Basic, Interdev, Visual C++, Visual J++, ActiveX Components/Controls, COM/DCOM, Active Server Pages, Sun OS, Solaris, Oracle, Sybase, HP Unix and others. Our professionals are experienced in Client/Server and n-tier architecture, System Integration, and implementation across various platforms.

TEJ Consultants have been entrusted with, and have implemented various complex applications which reflect the most current financial data across various time zones. They are also skilled in migrating applications across various platforms , as well as in configuring and deploying web-related applications. Clients know they can gain higher returns if they can use a higher level of their constant supply of resources. Information Technology is the best way to do this, through the power of computers and their ability to manage vast amounts of information. ERP Systems cater to key functions, such as: Finance/Accounting, Fixed Assets, Sales and Distribution, Personnel, Planning and Budgeting, and others. ERP System Software enables companies to control, track and coordinate their activities in each of these departments between multiple locations.

TEJ Consultants can help you make the most of your information systems. They have outstanding experience in todayís ERP systems and can help you meet the challenges you face in the information industry. Telecommunications and information-related industries will soon account for a significant portion of the U.S. Economy. Experienced computer professionals are vital in this expansion of communication. Their skills are driving industry growth to reach new markets, connecting millions of people and services across the nation and the globe. Whether itís linking your companyís sales and human resources departments, or satisfying requests from customers world-wide, TEJ Consultants have done it. Several members of our team have been placed with well-known players in the telecommunication industry. Smaller companies have also recognized the edge technology gives them. We provide Network Analysis. We have experts in TCP/IP, SMTP, Routers and other technologies integral to the telecommunication industry. Our professionals are making valuable contributions for global giants such as AT&T, Lucent, SNET, Bell-Altantic, Sprint and other area leaders.


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